About Me

My name is Kristanne (pronounced like kris-tin) and I have been decorative planning since 2016. I have had a passion and love for making my memories beautiful for much longer than I can remember.

In 2022 I was fortunate enough to buy my first silhouette and minc machine and that's where it all began! I learned the in's and out's of foiled stickers and making my own sticker kits from friends and acquaintances and the more I played, the more I realized I wanted this to be my job.

In September that year I started out my business with kits and icons, believe it or not, and quickly realized my passion lie with foil, so shortly after opening my shop, I pivoted to be a strictly foil shop.

Now I get to spend my day to day playing with stickers, working for myself, staying at home with my pup (Hazy-a 2 year old rough collie), and watching pictures on a screen become something real for people to make their plans beautiful, too.



What is your processing/shipping time?

My regular processing period is quoted at 1-3 weeks, however during sale times it is extended to 4-6 weeks, typically as a buffer, with the hopes it doesn't actually take that long. (I will usually have the current processing window at the top of the home page)

Can I get the font of the month from previous months?

The only way to get a past months exclusive font is the premade samplers I have available. On occasion I will bring back certain fonts for sales or events, which are announced via instagram.

Can I get the foil of the month from previous months?

I do not regularly keep past foils in stock, you are welcome to message me on instagram and ask if I have one available, however there is never a guarantee once that month ends.

Can I get my freebies unfoiled?

Yes, just leave a note in the notes to seller section that you prefer unfoiled freebies and I can provide those! (Please keep in mind the $30 freebie is always foiled regardless, due to it featuring the following months foil)

Do you take requests?

Yes, my instagram DM's are always open to anyone. I also have a request form available here!